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May 20 2016 Programme Management Unit
The European Commission announces its 3rd Global Event‘Innovative and effective approaches to climate change adaptation and other post COP21 agreement priorities’, to be held, on 12-13-14 September 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. The Agenda 2030 with the SDGs and the COP21 Paris Agreement on...
May 20 2016
May 19 2016 Programme Management Unit
African Union Research Grants II - 2016 - Open Call for Proposals   The African Union Commission launches Phase 2 of the African Union Research Grants programme with an open call for proposals for Research and Innovation in Africa supported by the European Union.   This call for proposal...
May 19 2016
May 12 2016 Programme Management Unit
A NEED project publication was published in the latest edition of the Etango magazine – “Namibia’s Leading Renewable Energy Technologies Magazine”. Article can be read on pages 6-7. The magazine can be also found on the project website:
May 12 2016
May 10 2016 Programme Management Unit
With the support of the ACP-S&T II project "  One health, one Caribbean, one love" , and the artist contribution of the 'One Health Celebrity patron'  BayC, the Team Guyana launch their National One Health project 'Managing Health Together' Click here to view...
May 10 2016
Apr 8 2016 Programme Management Unit
UPDATE As part of the process of implementing the 2d phase of the African Union Research Grant Program, the Comission will sson be launnching a call for proposal through the Finanacing agreement between the EC and the AUC under the Pan-African Programme ( PanAf) Today- 10 may 2016- Source: http://...
Apr 8 2016
May 9 2016 Programme Management Unit
The 10th edition of the European Development Days (EDD 2016) will take place in Brussels on 15-16 June 2016. The European Development Days are the leading forum in Europe for international development and cooperation. They are an incubator of new ideas to inform our shared aim of a...
May 9 2016
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