Lecturer in forestry and conservation offering his know how

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I am a forester holding a BSc and MSc in forestry. I am currently working as a lecturer at Mekelle University in the Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation College and I am the head of the Forest and Nature Conservation Program. I am interested in research such as biofuel energy development, conservation, in the economics of forest and forest product particularly regarding indigenous trees/shrubs. Etefa Guyassa

Feb 23 2009

Dear Etefa Guyassa.

my name is Andres Berroa president:
Berroa AND ASSOCIATES, an industrial engineering company located in the Dominican Republic and would like to establish partnership with you.

We can support each other: we join in your proposal and you are associated with our proposal.

hope to hear about you as soon as possible.

Ing. Andres Berroa