Activities addressing transport congestion, air pollution and accidents.


Transport and Environment - Science Technology (TEST) Network

Transport has become a dominant sector in Africa with issues of road safety, traffic congestion, urban air pollution, road maintenance, accessibility and mobility problems being key challenges for the 2lst century. Rural to urban migration has contributed to a rapid expansion of cities, increasing levels of poverty and the proliferation of slums. These factors have resulted in a widening gap between urban transport supply and demand. There has been a rise in the number of motor vehicles, which has resulted in traffic congestion, air and noise pollution and death and injury due to road accidents. Inadequate public transport and limited shared road space for pedestrians have contributed to a poor quality of life for the most vulnerable in African society. In terms of transportation technology and policy, Africa lags behind developed countries.

Maritime Security on Maracaibo Channel and Orinoco River

In the Maracaibo channel and Orinoco river there is traffic with hundred of ships a year with dangerous goods. The project consists of carrying out a study of the sailing conditions, communications, and buoyancy, to establish a complete system of Vessel Traffic and Management System that minimizes the risk of accidents. CADIZ UNIVERSITY

Jan 9 2009
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